Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Don't Get No Respect, None at All

Another award? (blushing)

Thank you Trishiekoh, for giving me the Honest Scrap award.

The idea is to tell 10 unknown things about yourself, which is no easy task, as my life is already an open book. But here we go:

1. I'm a closet Rodney Dangerfield fan. My favorite quote is: "My wife said she needed more space, so I locked her out of the house".

2. I've been self conscious of my feet ever since my son told me I needed a pedicure the day he brought home a hollywood wannabe. He has since moved on to a wonderful girl of substance, and I trim, exfoliate, & polish religiously.

3. I keep meaning to leave a will for my kids, but I never get around to it. I'm afraid the government will take the house from them if I don't.

4. I have guilt over every pet I've ever owned, for not being good enough for them. As a result of this, I don't think I'll ever have another one.

5. I love the feeling of cool air against my skin. It always feels like diving into a pool, at least that's what comes to mind almost every time I have that sensation.

6. I miss my parents every minute of every day. One thing that keeps me from being afraid of death is the thought of going where ever they are, even if it's non-existence.

7. I have been trying really hard to do random acts of kindness. And to really look into people's eyes when I talk to them, especially if they're elderly. This is the hardest thing to do with telephone solicitors, handling them with kindness. Well, you can't really look into their eyes either.

8. When Cute Hubby kisses me on my neck, I feel like I'm 20.

9. I used to attach mental strings to things when I was a little girl. Then I would keep track of how many things passed through the string until I lost track. I got to be really good at it, and continued to do it up into my young adulthood. When I realized that it was probably some kind of mental disorder, I worked very hard to stop doing it. I've been string-free for over 20 years now.

10. I have a fear of latex balloons. I've had it as long as I can remember. I'm o.k. with the mylar ones. It's even on my job application, so they know I can't be requested to blow them up (we blow up balloons sometimes for the customers).

I think this list makes me look like some kind of a wacko, but it's hard to come up with 10 things you don't already know about me. So there you have it.

Now I would like to pass this award onto jadedj of Banquet of Conse
quences Too, who's blog has the dry wit of a car stalling out on the freeway. Please be sure to give it a read.

Crickets. . . .hey, where did everybody go?


The Peach Tart said...

Congratulations on your award.

diane said...

The Peach Tart: What. . .that's it? No comments on the string thing or pedicure? I've got a feeling you have another full day and that you are cruising fast through the blogs. Hope you get a breather honey. Hugs. xo

SkylersDad said...

I also love Rodney, he was a classic!

jadedj said...

Har har har, stalled on a freeway. Wait, that's supposed to be a stalled donkey cart, pulling a load of donkeys.

Hey, thanks for the award. I will display it proudly. and try not to dishonor it. However, I'm not sure there are 10 unknown things about me since the arrest...public records, you know. But I'll try.

#7 on your list, part 2: I have a special portable fog horn by the phone for telemarketers...my karma be damned.

Dooder City said...

I think I am kind of afraid of balloons. I hate being around a whole bunch of them and waiting for them to pop or something. I love Rodney in Caddy Shack...he is so classic in it. I am also really insecure about my feet for some reason, I've always thought feet are ugly.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congrats on the award and well done on your list of 1o unknown things about you.

You are VERY right about the will. It's creepy as it is to do, you MUST do the will/living trust thing asap

As for Rodney Dangerfield..... I'm a fan too!

Thanks for sharing. xo

erin said...

I don't think you sound like a wacko at all.

They all sound like reasonable things to me!

Dominica said...

If you're wacko, I am too ...
point 2 : I have a fear towards feet ; I really have to do my best in not disliking people by the look of their feet ; I'm the kinda girl that will have a date with you and once I get to see nasty feet ; stop it instantly in going further in whatever kind of relationship...bad, no ?
point 3
you must ! really ! I've lost the most weight during the battle between my family and everything my father left in his will for me (I am an only child) and golddiggers surprise you when you least expect it !
even if they are 'family'
point 10
me too !
a balloon once exploded in my face and since that day, I don't want them near me !
thanks for pointing out Trishiekoh's blog ...another treasure in our blogosphere !

diane said...

SkylersDad: Hey, how's the family vacation going? Are you back home?
I hope you gave your wife a spare set of keys...you know...for when she's done needing space.

jadedj: Was the arrest for hauling donkeys around in a cart? Just asking.

Dooder C: Don't even get me started on balloons in a bunch, although I think one floating around on it's own is far creepier.

Joanna J: You are right, I should get right to that. Thaaaaanks mom.

erin: If I don't sound like a wacko, then you must be one too. I'll see if I can find an extra club jacket for you.

Domi: I actually know a guy who's toes peep out of the front of his shoes. We've discreetly stopped inviting him to our parties.
Trishiekoh's blog is great. I know, right?

Green-Eyed Momster said...

All more reasons to love you!
As for the pets, they get more than enough from you and you give them a really good life.
I feel so wonderful about having our dog as a member of our family. When we got home from the "pound" I noticed that there was a term for when he would be put to sleep and there was a person's name to call before that date too. Someone else thought he was beautiful enough to save. I an send you a guinea pig or 3!! LOL!!

Hugs and love,

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Oh yeah, I loved Rodney in Caddyshack! He made the movie, as did Chevy Chase!


drollgirl said...

love this!!!

and i am crazy for rodney dangerfield, too. he was so funny, and it is sad that he is gone.

p.s. glad you can't see my feet now. YEESH. pedicure is needed BADLY on these old dogs!

ModernMom said...

New here but had to comment!
Loved your list of things and can't believe some girl commented on the state of your feet?? Hope you told her she could use hers to exit! How rude!

Prunella Jones said...

Great list! I feel exactly the same way about my pets. Sometimes when they give me the sad eye if they don't like their food I feel like a nazi.

jadedj said...

My mother-in-law. I can't get no respect from her.

diane said...

GEM: Let's not forget C.S.2 though. Jackie Mason was equally hilarious.
I love that someone had their name in for a last effort for the dog. That makes me feel all warm. :)

drollgirl: It is sad that he is gone (hanging head). Are we possibly feet twins? Yet another thing in common.

ModernMom: Welcome, make yourself comfortable. To answer your question: Even better, my son gave her the boot.

Pru: Now there's another costume idea! Nothing's sexier than a girl in a helmet.

jadedj: Good comeback! (I got nothing)

Cait said...

Aw, I like that about when he kisses you on the neck and you feel 20..now thats priceless.

Thanks for the note.

...love Maegan said...

it's such a great list though. I read every single one ...I didn't want to miss a thing! The mental stringy thing is interesting. I wonder if I do it in a non string way? funny.

um, you were probably a good mama to your pets. ;)

rhaindropz said...

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trishiekoh said...

Hey your list is fantastic. Yes you're a bit weird (ha!, just kidding) esp. about the mental string and fear of balloons but i think you're a really lovely person.
PS: congrats on the awards, well deserved.
PSS: weird people are always more interesting people too, please take it as a compliment.

diane said...

Cait: It feels priceless every time he does it.

Maegan: I know, right? Sometimes I just kind of skim over long lists. Thanks for reading all of the way through.

rhain: Welcome to my blog, and thanks for the tip, I'll be over.

trishiekoh: Thanks so much. I love your blog, and I'd be willing to bet some of my followers do too.

rhaindropz said...

thanks for the comment =)

Girl Interrupted said...

I think this post shows yet again how unique and interesting you are.

The string thing is fascinating! I've never heard of something like that before, I'm kinda sorry you stopped :P

Congrats on yet another well deserved award Diane x

Jack Daniel said...

We're right here with ya!!

I love every answer. It's funny to read all these 'personal' things about you. I like the way you describe some of those unknown things. I like your wit.

JFK Jean said...

I'm definitely with you on #6, even though my Dad is still alive, I think of my Mother constantly everyday, no matter what I'm doing. My Father stays on my mind too.....