Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm Living in Rod Serling's Twilight Zone

I found some merchandiser cards from my area online. Store owners used to give them out before the idea of placing ads in magazines came out. These cards are from Summit Hill, about 5 minutes from my house.

Now here's where it starts to get weird, because you know it just has to:
The photograph of a burning mine is also from the same time period in Summit Hill. I found out that the entire area that I live in is full of burning mines to this day, swell. Wasn't there a really stupid creepy movie about burning mines? Well, this sure isn't Hollywood, just take a look at some of the coal blackened faces around this town.

There's more:
Ever hear of Laura Leinhart Adventure's Trilogy? (penned by Stanley "Porky" Szczecina)
The story is about a young reporter in Sommers Hill who becomes involved in the sighting of the angel Gabriel by a young girl in her backyard. I sh*t you not.
If you go to this guy's website at, you can read testimonials from people saying things like "I recognize the towns, but maybe sometime share the "secret"- and identify the people in your book" and "I just wanted you to know I enjoyed your book immensely and loved the names you chose to protect the innocent". Whoa! This guy came in to where I work last week and out of the blue just hands me his business card. And I was all like "Hey, I know you! You're that guy who wrote those stories about around here, but you changed all of the names. I googled you!" And then he was looking like he was a little sorry he had chosen me to give his business card to. But it was too late because HA HA I had already put the card in my purse. (Kate already knows all about this, because she gets all of the news first)

So I guess what I'm hoping is:
If the town burns to the ground, maybe the angel Gabriel will come swooping down to save us. But more likely, the angel Gabriel will be tossing merchandiser cards at us, which will only result in fueling the fire.
Welcome to my world.


Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm checking all of it out. I don't know about anything you mentioned in this post. Now, who's living in the Twilight Zone?

Hope your weekend ROCKS!


Anonymous said...

Good grief! You have burning mines in your area? That's awful! If the Angel Gabriel can't fix them, no one can.

I'm another ignorant person who's never heard of this.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Never heard of this! Just proves you really can learn something new every day :-)

Enjoy your weekend. I was going to say I hope it's "smokin" but thought better of it.


nycrun said...

me too

Cait said...

I so love these pics..I'm thinking Jane Austen should have came up with the story..or better..written in a Jane Austen style then..hmmm..

I was wondering if you'd caught Ian Somer(something or another)on Vampire Diaries as Damien the evil brother on the CW. He must be having lots of fun in this role. Actually, I like the Vampire Dairies much better than the Twilight series.

diane said...

Tracey: Ha! You've been in the Twilight zone for a while, that's where we met. Rockin' right bact at cha babe!

Dedene: It's a pretty weird thing to find out about your neighborhood.

Joanna: Schmokin! Ha ha! Have a great week-end honey.

nycrun: I seriously need to follow you, I don't know why I'm not already. Thanks for coming by.

Cait: Hahaha, you are sooooo cute. The Twilight zone has nothing to do with vampires. It's all about weirdness.

Marian said...

wow i love those cards honey, the prints/illustrations are great. I love the idea of handing them out instead of the ads in magazines.
Honey hope you are having a fabulous weekend my sweet.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I had to come back and see if you commented on my comment, like you usually do and the word verification is bongs. I thought it was fitting since my 25th reunion is tonight and I'm catching up with my favorite bloggers and I no longer own any bongs.


Dominica said...

Gabriel can toss his cards over to me ...really find them inspirational !
I'm so bad, your card is now for over a week travelling in my bag, due to the fact I'm out of USA stamps to post it !
Forgive me, but it will be on it's way once I get to the post office ...

diane said...

Marian: The cards are truly beautiful. There were so many on line to choose from. I'm having a fair week-end.
Thanks so much for stopping in, you little socialite you.

Tracey: You'll hear some stories, I'm sure, about this one that went bald and that one that got fat. In the long run, I think you'll be glad that you stayed in and caught up on your 8 blogs. I'm not "herbal" either.

Domi: Are you thinking of illustrated cards for your shop?
Maybe it's better that the card stays in your bag, that way you think of me every time you see it. I like that idea.

Jowy said...

Wow..i have to google most things u mentioned in this post..tdudududududududu feeling the twilight zone!

One Love,

miriam said...

bizarre, but the cards are beautiful!

XAVS said...

How lovely the postcards but is the burning mines thing for real??

diane said...

Jowy: I've been to your blog, it's great. Thanks for visiting mine.

miriam: They are.

XAVS: Yes, they are very real.

drollgirl said...

hi diane. i know you are so busy and just wanted to tell you i hope life settles down for you soon. hang in there!

diane said...

OMG Drolly: Thank you so much. Fat chance of that while my daughter's working & going to college. I'm with Babyzilla most of the time that I'm not at my job. But hey, she keeps me young. : )

Deana said...

That is, imagine what those burning mines are doing to the environment...but whatever, it can't be worse than the pollution china is producing.

How ar eyou doing? I am alright. I hope PA is treating you well:)

diane said...

Hey Dooder: Pa is treating me fine, I'm just insanely busy and non-creative. I would be more creative if I had time, but I don't.
Are the leaves turning color yet in Williamsburg?

diane said...
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Cait said...

Thanks so much for the note. How has this week been going? Gotten anymore Twilight Zone?

diane said...

Cait: Life's been moving at the speed of light, no more Twilight Zone.

Jack Daniel said...

Yeah...I've missed you.
I love your wittyness.

And wow, these cards are sooo beautiful.

diane said...

JD: Thanks pal.