Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Who would ever believe that so many wonderful little surprises could fit into such a small envelope? But that's exactly what Dominica of Faces and Places in Antwerp did, bless her heart, and she mailed it off to me. The skirt she made by hand for Babyzilla, just look at that fabric. Babyzilla will look just like a little flower in it. And the story book, stickers, paper dolls, flower-clip, and chip&dale figurine are all great. I was trying to get a picture of the baby in the skirt, but she hasn't been feeling well enough to play dress up. When she's feeling better, we'll do an outfit post. Domi, you're the best. Thank you seems too small a phrase for how I feel about the luck of having you for a friend.

If you haven't already been over to Domi's blog, you can click on her name and go there now. But I warn you, she is one sophisticated lady and you will be hooked from the first look.


mo.stoneskin said...

I love the thought of a babyzilla dressed up as a flower. The fierce and the pretty combined!

Choo said...

Wonderfull book!love that!

marian said...

That is possible the sweetest skirt ever?! is it wrong that I wish I small enough to wear it? Oh my gosh it is so adorable! Domi is the sweetest! what a beauiful giving gesture.
hope you are well Diane dear.

thehouseofstyle.k said...

oh my gosh the first time i looked at this i didnt even see the last photo with the book etc, this pressie just got more wonderful in my view! Lucky Babyzilla!

Love that you think that were i live looks like a uni,that put a smile on my face! Best thing Ive heard all month I think :)
Thankfully unlike a uni there are no noisy frat parties hehhe :)

ahhh i have heard that urban Outfitters do some leg warmers like that and think i want them now that you mention it! my legwear is WAREHOUSE grey ribbed tights and then over them im wearing TOPSHOP slouchy thigh high socks.

most thigh highs are too short for my 36inch legs but these ones by TOPSHOP really are thigh high,so i worn ruched down they have lots of volume.

sre you at work today? if you are wish you strength dear. If not i hope you have a relaxing day, hope Babyzilla feels lots better. Kisses to you, cute Hubby and the family as a whole.

miriam (Björn Borg) said...

oh, how adorable. when will we see i babyzilla in it?

diane said...

Mo: I bet you know that first hand with your little one, ha.

Choo: Yeah, it's a nice looking book, isn't it?

Marian: Topshop? Crap, I can never afford them. Well, I can never afford UO's either, come to think of it (I always hit their clearance).
Work's not bad, I actually really like my job. The breakroom could use a makeover. I'm spending the whole day with Babyzilla today. No work until Friday. :) kiss, kiss.

Miriam: As soon as she's up to it, I'll do some dress up with her.

Dominica said...

YES !!! It has arrived ... I did not even remember putting all these little things in it ....:-)
Glad you liked it - if there's anything else I will send you in the future it will have an even better finishing cause I got the overlock now !!