Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I just got done listing what I had to eat tonight on Dr. zibbs comment section, and when I looked at it I thought "I'm an oinker, I'd better do something to kick start my metabolism quick, and no wonder I'm having trouble fitting into my jeans". It was an eye opener to see how much food passes my lips, and that was just in the evening. I don't even want to start listing what I had for breakfast and lunch. So here is my solution:
From now on I am going to avoid reading anyone's posts that have anything to do with the word "ass". If you are showing pictures of someone else's ass, or talking about asses in general, I will not read or comment on your post. That is my new diet, cutting down on ass posts. Works for me.


Eternally Distracted said...

Seems totally fair enough... and it reminds me how often I say that forbidden word - especially as I'm British and obviously it should be arse!!

mo.stoneskin said...

I appreciate ED's comment. And come on, face it, there's always a lesson to be learned in Zibbs' comment section.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm on an ass diet too. It's too bad the world is full of them!



diane said...

ED: I love your accent. You could say arse, arse, arse all day long and I would never be offended.

Mo.: zibbs is very wise, indeed, but you are more eloquent. (No offense zibbs, if you're reading this)

Tracey: There are a lot of them out there, aren't there? haha.

middle-aged-woman said...

I'm a little bit addicted to other people's weight-loss posts. It's like accomplishing something without going through any of the pain.

marian said...

you never know that diet might just catch on :)
hope your well Diane

marian said...

you never know that diet might just catch on :)
hope your well Diane

Dr Zibbs said...

HEY! He's more?? OK. I agree.

diane said...

MAW: Virtual dieting? Interesting concept.

Marian: That would cut out about 85 percent of fashion posts, haha.
I'm well. How are you?

zibbsy: Hey yourself. Thanks for not taking offense. I'm not as fancy as Mo either.

clarewbrown said...

fantastic idea! No more reading ass posts, besides, you are too fabulous for that mumbo-jumbo anyway!

Fragrant Liar said...

Does that mean you're never coming back to my site?

Cuz I'm all about the ass, as you know. It's art, pure and simple.

diane said...

clarebrown: Mumbo jumbo? mmmmmmm, jumbo shrimp. jumbolaya. jumbo shake.

Fragrant Liar: I'll be over. I'll wear my ass protectors to shield my eyes.

Dominica said...

hahahaha, I just posted a comment under another Japanese 'sex' comment on my latest post = it included the word ASS !!
Sorry Diane - if I had known sooner I would have used ARSE :-)