Friday, February 26, 2010

Ghost Dog and White Pain Faced Man

We got pounded by snow again last night. This year's snow totals are the highest since 1979. Everything has taken on a kind of a ghostly look: The snow blowing sideways in the night, the snow dunes, even the neighbor's dogs. When the dogs run through the snow, you can't see their legs so they look like they're floating. Floating slowly across a snow duned landscape.

Cute Hubby's having some strange pain, we think it might be a kidney stone, ugh. We have no medical insurance, surprise! So, he's drinking lots of water, and hoping to be able to deal with the pain until he passes it. There might be a trip to the ER in the near future. I'll be working later, so I've left him with a list of phone numbers in case the pain comes back. Stop making that face at me, I tried my best to get out of working, o.k.? Done judging? Good, so anywhoooo, I might be a little scarce the next few days. I don't know, we'll see. I keep imagining getting really reamed out by the doctor for not bringing him in sooner:

Doctor: (looking sternly over his spectacles at me)Tell me again why you didn't bring him in sooner.

Me: He's a survivalist, and also, he doesn't trust doctors.

The conversation spirals quickly downward from there. Use your imagination.


furiousBall said...

hope your husband feels better. a kidney stone is absolutely no fun!

jadedj said...

Ouch. Not a nice thing, the stones. He has my total sympathy.

drollgirl said...

OH NO. i hope he is going to be ok. i wonder if there is some kind of natural/home remedy that might help break it down? i loathe going to the doctor and would probably try to do anything to avoid going. sigh. hang in there. and enough of that snow already! yikes! it just isn't letting up AT ALL.

Mr. Charleston said...

Maybe it's just gas. If it is a stone, they zap them with ultrasound these days as an outpatient treatment. Souldn't cost more than an arm and a leg. No, really, I feel your pain about the insurance thing. My wife has none and I get scared everytime she gets a cold.

ModernMom said...

Oh dear, best of luck. My understanding is that many can do the kidney stones on their own, but they are no fun! I'll be thinking of you!

Jocelyn said...

I think of it this way: what exactly would you be doing for him if you stayed home? Wincing when he winces? Just leave him a bowl of water on the floor and heap his other bowl full of kibble, and he'll be fine.

Actually, I do feel for him--kidney stones are supposed to be more painful than labor.

Dominica said...

The insurance thing in the USA (and I presume not only in the States) is unbelievable to me ...
I hope something will change in the near future.
In Belgium (and most of Europe) we all provide into a system of social security and just this week, I got my annual bill to donate 25€ (about 31$) for those in need of serious care. It's mandatory but if we ever need this kind of care, you'll be sure to have that security too. On top of that you pay a small annual amount/per person so almost every bill will be paid almost fully back whenever you have a doctors bill.
I personally 'enjoy compensation' as I'm having several doctors bills concerning my son Sebastian.

This is our social system and equals all.
No matter what income you have. US Government is devided I understand, in taking over such an equal system. I seriously can't understand
why people only want to think about themselves and not provide for any other human being. Any other child/adult should have the same good care as I can give my own son.

Hope hubby gets well soon - give him a soft cuddle
and oh yes, thank you so much for the little surprise package I got in my mail the other day ! XX
Can't thank you enough !

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