Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shallow as an Open Grave (shopping post)

Thanks so much for all the well wishes for Cute Hubby and his "rolling stone". Not 100% sure, but we think that's what it was, and that it passed. Now on to something completely different.
Lo and behold, the Minnetonka Kilty Peace Sign Moccasin, found after looking at hundreds of moccasins (comparing prices & shipping). The winning price: $34.99 w/free shipping, SOLD baby.
What I had originally wanted was Coconuts Topanga Moccasin sold at Delia's for $44.50, but my youngest daughter pointed out questionable stitching and sole. Needless to say, I am overjoyed with my final decision, and cannot wait to get them in the mail. I haven't worn mocs since I was as young as I look, hehe.


Faux Naif said...

yep, all of the pictures i post on the ol' blog are my own.

(and i love these moccasins. i've been looking for a pair for years now)

marian said...

these are great and what a fab price! cannot wait to see them on you honey when they arrive! I am a moc fan too but last pair fell to pieces

Dominica said...

I got me some moccasins too a couple of months ago... but these are way more awesome !
I remember having a pair as a kid : lichtblue ones, with beads all over ... found on a Sunday at our local market. I was so happy with them !
So I can understand you'll be thrilled too once they fall in your mailbox ! XXX

Joanna Jenkins said...

Glad your hubby is okay.
Can't wait to hear about the mocs when they arrive. I hope they are as great as they look!
have a great week Diane!

diane said...

Faux Naif, Marian, Domi, Joanna: I really did smile this morning when I read your sweet comments. We should all have mocs, I think. :)

drollgirl said...

whew! i hope it passed! and i am glad i didn't hear the yelling and screaming all the way out here. eke! those things can be terrifying and so painful!