Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coal Cracker Heaven, or When Life Begins to Imitate Art

Another cold gray morning in coal cracker heaven. Oh, look at that, it's snowing.....again. (pulls down the window blind)
Guess I'll get some dishes done, and put on a pot of coffee.
While the coffee's brewing, I'll save myself a trip upstairs and use the closet potty. Both "potty areas" (yes, we have two) come complete with an assortment of National Geographic magazines. The closet potty also stores a bunch of other stuff, like a lite kite, which I imagine is good for freaking the neighbors out by making them think there are aliens up there in the night sky. Yep, life doesn't get much more fancy than this. Babyzilla's training potty is in front of the mirror in the living room, so she can watch herself "go" and not feel like she's missing out on anything.
Cute Hubby brought home a Girl Scout training manual from an auction for me. Why he thought I would want it is beyond me. He said "I thought you might want it for fodder". And I said "I don't think so". Then he said "It's a lot different from the Boy Scouts manual, which teaches cool stuff like building bridges and campsites". To which I replied "The Girl Scout manual is from 1953, when girls went to school, then college, then hopefully got married so they would never have to use their education". Cute Hubby gave me one of his "clueless" looks, so the conversation died there. That's o.k., we were just getting to the interesting part of "Building your own log cabin" on youtube anyway.
I love my little folklore lamp. I am beginning to relate to it, I hope that's not a bad thing. "Dancing granny" is no beauty, but hey, at least she can still dance.


marian said...

hehhehe loved reading this. the girls scout book cover is brilliant. I love old book covers!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I love that lamp!

It snowed again here. I'm not happy about it.

Warm hugs!!

ModernMom said...

Oh all of our mornings look like that around here these days!

I wanted to thank you for the kind words on my post.
I sent you an e-mail but think it went to no reply at blogger?
Thanks and Hugs:)

diane said...

Marian: Thanks. It makes me really happy that you like my writing.

Tracey: I looooove that lamp. My MIL found it in the trash years ago. Who would throw something like that out?

MM: I'm sorry that I didn't get your e-mail. Thanks for letting me know.