Monday, March 1, 2010

Jeers and Cheers, Fashion Ads

Cheers: Sam Edelman's beautiful art deco pose.
Jeers: Marc Jacobs handbag on the head and bra over the shirt ad. (this is your fashion sense. this is your fashion sense on drugs)
Cheers: Balenciaga using Charlotte Gainsbourg, the ultimate cool daughter of cool 'rents (Jane Birken & Serge Gainsbourg).
Cheers: Bvlgari realizing that Julianne Moore still has real beauty.
Cheers & Jeers: Sonia Rykiel's timeless sweaters portrayed in "mime" fashion.
Cheers: Valentino makes "My Little Pony" hair cool.
Cheers: DKNY gives us one sweater in a variety of colors and ways to wear it.
Cheers: Prada makes pigtails sexy.
Jeers: Dolce & Gabbana's pathetic "Madonna crying in a motel room alone" ad.
Jeers: Gucci, seriously, what woman ever wants to be in that position?
Cheers: Dior's Lauren Bacall look-a-like.


Vic said...

I'm going to wear my purse on my head tomorrow. If I wear it down low enough, I won't have to worry about washing my hair.

That MJ is a genius. :)

La Couturier said...


Those Gucci boots are quite orgasmic. Fetish-like, but yah know, subtle. I like.

Damn snow. If it snows more tonight I will be quite upset with Mother Nature. She and I will have to take it outside.

Anonymous said...

I love Charlotte Gainsbourg, she's always so darned casual.

miriam said...

sweet ads, i'm a big fan of Sonia Rykiel stripes :)

and charlotte, don't you just love her new album=

Anonymous said...

beautyfull pics:D:D

Mr. Charleston said...

Gee... she does look like Lauren Bacall. I hand't gotten past the skirt.

mo.stoneskin said...

The handbag hat is brilliant. You never told me that you had appeared in so many ads...

diane said...

Vic: Keep the huge sunglasses, borrow Green Eyed Momster's cannon ball, and you could have a real winning look there. I think you could make it work.

Lacy: The boots are awesome, I agree. Do you have shoes waiting in the "wings" like I do, for when there is no more snow?

Dedene: Her parents were the epitome of laid back. I love her style.

Miriam: Me too. I had my first Rykiel striped tee when I was just 25 years old.

Choo: I agree.

Mr. C: Haha, I wondered about the lack of skirt too.

Mo: I would have related more to that handbag ad if it was hanging around her neck.

Isabel said...

I LOVE Jamie Bochert for Marc Jacobs.

Alisa said...

Cheers to you for compiling theses photos!

diane said...

Isa: Perhaps you know a bit more about Marc Jacobs than I do, but I still think that ad is dumb.

Alisa: There were more to choose from, perhaps I'll do a part two.

Anna said...

yeahhhhh that second one is BAD :)

Mark Kreider said...

Ditto: Marc Jacobs!

Dominica said...

LOL I'm still searching for a hat that would fit my Lady Gaga concert outfit ?? Anyone, a lobster ?

diane said...

Well, well, Anna and Mark Kreider. Have you two been silently reading me all of this time?

Domi: Lobster would be perfect, although I can't imagine you as a blonde.