Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the Arms of an Angel - Rest in Peace Lee Alexander McQueen


Tracey said...

Oh, how sad! I'm sad about your comment too. I hope your bloggy friend changes her mind and blogs again. I'm always just an email away. Even when I'm not checking my blog, I check my email.

Big hugs and love to you my friend!

diane said...

Tracey my gem: Thank you so much. I guess that means you're planning on sticking around. :)

miriam said...

rip mcqueen...

cait said...

Some incredible things he worked on.

How's the weather? Truly, one of our worst in a very long time.

oh..about the guys..well, I think Rosco would talk to Gordy about these things. I wouldn't exactly say they were emo..but even my boyfriend brings up all sorts of things..I never thought he would, either. HE just brings them up. Doesn't mean he's going to do much about it, though.

Hope you have a warm and cozy Valentine's weekend.

diane said...

Cait: I'm the permanent babysitter on Vday, goes with the title of Grammy.

Dominica said...

So sad ! I'm glad to say I have a McQueen dress in my closet ; I wore it last night as a tribute ...I'm almost off to London baby !
It's my first visit ever ! I can't believe this cause I was/am such a big Diana fan !
Have e great weekend Diane ..XX

Jack Daniel said...

May he rest in peace. I'm not really familair with his clothing style, but from what I've seen so far; it's always original and quite innovative.

marian said...

He was brilliant, such inspiration!!
Just looking at this images blows me away.
May he R.I.P
big kiss Diane

Joanna Jenkins said...

This was so shocking and so sad. Alexander McQueen was a great talent :-(