Friday, July 2, 2010

The Tampon Store Sells Hats, Weird.

Just so you know, you will definitely need to sneak a cigarette if you are sitting next to this guy on the plane; his uptight-too-short tie explains it all.

No fair playing with your remote control car on the plane. Or your Bic.

And seriously, good luck understanding the "A-B-A"
diagram of the plane. Be careful that you don't trip over the green line in the aisle, thus breaking your best pair of high heels.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Too funny! One of these days I'm going to need to pay attention when the flight attendants explain this stuff :-)

Happy 4th,

Jack Daniel said...

So I see you're cool is that!? I should go abroad as well.

Girl Interrupted said...

I would actually LOVE a pair of turquoise heels!

Can you believe somebody was probably paid a fortune to come up with those pictures? Sheesh!

Girl Interrupted said...

Ps: Hope you and your family had a great 4th of July x

Dominica said...

Looking at those instructions make me sick !! LOL
I hate planes but they are very convenient when you need to travel 3544 miles in a couple of hours or when you wanna crash ...