Friday, October 1, 2010

The Gem Shop, Jim Thorpe

What can be said about The Gem Shop? It's fabulous, and surprisingly affordable. I have purchased something every single time I've been there. Their architectural jewelry is wonderful, as is the array of hats, headbands (I bought two), equestrian bags, & much more.
While shopping in Jim Thorpe, visiting the Victorian library is a must. It was raining heavily, so outdoor shots were not possible......except the cute doorway to someone's house.
And there was the mandatory stop in the newspaper shop for Choward's violet candies, a real old fashioned treat.
Don't you think I look a bit like a troll in my outfit? If I ever get my children's book published, maybe I'll use this shot for the book jacket.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Shopping with you would be a blast! Thanks for the tour.
Happy weekend, jj

diane said...

Thanks Joanna. You live in shopping Nirvana, so that's a real compliment.

kendal croix. said...

this is so perfect.