Saturday, October 30, 2010

Re-Post, Some of This is True. Happy Halloween

The Big Fish Story

I'm sitting here with my head and my heart in the right place. I thought that is where they were this morning, but they weren't.
When I woke up, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, Cute Hubby was snoring, and all was right with the world. I made some coffee and corn pancakes, to the delight of my sleepy family, and my heart felt full. As the compliments began to ensue, my head grew two sizes. Now my head was a little bigger than my heart, which made it somewhat difficult to balance while sitting at the breakfast table. No one seemed to notice.
I toddled around with my big head for the rest of the morning, stopping only to feed it compliments on my various domestic abilities. By the time I was ready for work, I could barely fit my big head out of the door. My heart had run for shelter in my throat.
Arriving at work, no one seemed to notice the big head, but they were all so used to seeing that kind of thing. Over the course of the workday, many things went horribly wrong, and the big head began to shrink. But...wait!! Now it was smaller than before, and still shrinking! The heart was still hiding in the throat somewhere, and would let out a little cooing noise which sounded like a pigeon with a bad cold. Now, the rest of the "big heads" would only halfway glance at my ever shrinking head, as it made their heads grow at a frightening rate. By the time the workday was done, my little head could barely be seen between my shoulders.
When Cute Hubby gave me a ride home, he related how frustrating his day had been, and I realized that his head was just as small as mine. I don't know how he managed to see over the steering wheel.
By the time we got home, both of our heads were back to their normal sizes, and our hearts were text messaging each other. That was nice. So....I decided to check on my blog, and low & behold, I had received some of the most beautiful messages from my blogger friends. My head instantly swelled, nearly knocking everything off of the desk. I got up and tried to go upstairs, but my ever growing head got caught in the hallway, leaving me wedged between two paintings of "Flowers in Spring". Cute Hubby ran for a crowbar to try to pry me loose.
Lets just pause here for a moment. Where is this Big Fish story going?
At that moment, when my ever swelling head was about to splinter the paneling on the wall, my heart, which was now hiding in my ear, heard the small soft laughter of the little girl who lives next door. She was talking and playing with her mother on their front porch. It was lovely.
My head released a foul air, causing Cute Hubby to drop the crowbar onto his foot. My feet, which had been dangling in midair, softly touched to the ground. My heart rushed back to it's resting place and I felt my hair brush against my neck. My head and heart were once again where they should be.
What could possibly be the moral of this bizarre tale? Well, since you are still here, I will tell you.

1. Never believe your own publicity.
2. Don't wait for your heart to loose it's voice before you listen to it.
3. Remember the power of love. And don't let it go to your head.


lady sélénite said...

Hello ! My english is to bad to understand the whole story you told, but I think that to not have big head, it's important to not aim to be perfect !

Marian said...

ouch to your poor foot having the crowbar fall on it.

Happy sunday