Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Worthy Fashion

After watching the Central Saint Martin's MFA Fashion show for 2011, well some of it anyway, I decided to see if anybody actually got it right.
The point of fashion is this: There are no more than about 10 classic shapes that all of fashion is derived from/inspired by. The idea is to take one of these shapes that has been used over and over again, and make it into something new and brilliant. Alexander McQueen knew that. So did Valentino. I don't think the students of Central Saint Martin have caught on to that recipe yet.
So anyway, I immediately went over to Chanel 2011 to see what was offered. Beautiful, yes. Classic, yes. But yawn. So then I decided to check out what John Galliano had to offer at Dior 2011 (usually I think his stuff is way too over the top). I was hypnotized by his show. Beautiful, yes. Classic, yes. Seductive and new and brilliant, yes yes yes!! So here are a few photos from the MFA Fashion show and Dior's Fashion show. I didn't include any from Chanel because you can close your eyes and use your imagination, we all know what Chanel looks like anyway. It's not hard to tell the difference between the little crickets and the true master.


Dominica said...

Always said, if I would win Euromillions and am in need of a couture dress, it would be Galliano. I would love to wear the blue/nude dress - 4th picture top->down.
This has the extra advantage in showing off your beautiful shoes too.
Hopefully Galliano will be at his best again as he is suspended after an alledged rant against a Jewish couple last week. He was drunk (aren't the drunk and stupid the ones who always tell it straightforward into your face) ... :^)
Wish him well during his rehab and thank you Diane for sharing this beautiful post.

diane said...

Domi: JG hasn't always been known for good judgment in his personal life, everyone makes mistakes. I'm glad he's in rehab, and I hope he extends a genuine apology to the couple he ranted against. Thanks for that update, I didn't know.
You would look good in that dress.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I'm what you'd call fashion backward. I just don't get it. In particular, I don't get jeans with holes in them.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh la la! Beautiful.

I'm watching the Oscars right now. There are some beautiful fashions on screen.

Cheers, jj

texlahoma said...

I'm kind of with Joey on this stuff.
I realize my comments might be laughable to those in the know but I do have a theory.

I think that things like the worn out jeans look, dirty clothes look, torn up clothes, basically clothes that make people look poor will be out of style.

Because as the economy goes down, more and more people will be looking like that for real.

So, I think fashion will go in the opposite direction.

There, how's that for sticking my backwoods neck out?

mich said...

Tex, that is such a good theory!!! I love it!

texlahoma said...

Mich - Thanks, just kind of shooting from the hip there.