Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Diet Works

This morning I was asked for diet advice:
Don't eat bread.
Have a 1/2 a grapefruit and one scrambled egg for breakfast.
The only juice you can drink is citrus juice.
Only lean cuts of meat are allowed, up to two times a week.
No soft cheese, or pre-sliced cheese. Small portions of hard cheese is o.k.
Absolutely no brownies, donuts, ect. If you have a sweet tooth, try a handful of trail mix, raisins, dried cranberries, carrots, apples, or some other fruit.
Drink lots and lots of water.
Eat water based foods, like soup. They don't pack on weight and they make you feel full.
You can have pasta and rice, just not with butter or sauces (except a sugar-free tomato sauce). Try drizzling extra virgin olive oil over your pasta, or stir it into rice. Olive oil is acceptable for vegetable sides too.
Act like a four year old, or most importantly, get up and MOVE. If you have a choice between walking or watching a show, take the walk. If you feel your toe tapping to a beat, don't repress it. Get up and dance!
Remember not to deny yourself everything all at once, that will only lead to binging, which will in turn cause guilt and more binging.
Smile at yourself in the mirror every day.
Be kind to people that you might not think it matters to: taxi drivers, waitresses, sales clerks, your maintenance man, ect.
It's all about balance. If you are a happy person, and you aren't numbing yourself with tobacco/alcohol (although the occasional glass of wine/beer is recommended), you'll be healthier and live longer.
Don't worry, stress is the number one killer.
I don't think I forgot anything important here, but if I did I'm not going to worry about it.
Have a nice day.


texlahoma said...

With the economy going the way it is, losing weight will be the least of our problems.

diane said...

Tex: Are you saving seeds?

Joanna Jenkins said...

That's a good diet-- and outlook on life, Diane :-)
xo jj

texlahoma said...

No, but I plan on having an heirloom garden this year, so I will be. Hopefully the aluminum from chemtrails won't keep it from growing.

Cait said...

Sweet diet. Indeed. I like that olive oil is in there. Most definitely need to garden more this summer.

Prunella Jones said...

Great advice. I'd only add, don't date a chef! Because if you do he will make you lots of delicious concoctions and your dates will all revolve around food of some sort, and it is very hard to keep supermodel slim when you are constantly being urged to "just try a bite."

Lulu said...

This is a life diet...great advice, sweetie..

tattytiara said...

Definitely some of the most well-considered diet advice I've ever read!

drollgirl said...

these are great tips!

i'd say watch out for soup -- it is almost always loaded with sodium and there are better ways to fill yer belly!

diane said...

Drolly: I make my soup from scratch, no salt. No better way to fill yer belly.

Nonszalancka said...

Amazing blog!!;) what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

ModernMom said...

I so agree you can't deny yourself everything at once. The more I deny myself something, the more I want it!!
Olive oil is such a great idea too:)