Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Twist on Shopping Your Closet

Have you lost the will to shop? Do you come up empty handed while your friends hit gold? It could be that you have too much stuff already. Here's what to do:
Grab a couple of big trash bags and throw into them everything that bugs you for one reason or another (don't worry, you're not throwing anything out). Leave behind in your closet & drawers only the items that are the most chic, best fitting, best colors, best fabric, ect.
Now, take a deep breath, because what comes next isn't easy. Dump your trash bags onto your bed and really look at what you "pulled". You will find clues to your changing lifestyle and thus, your evolving style. This is healthy, it's o.k. Put everything back into the trash bags and stuff them into the back of your closet.
Knowing that you still have this stuff provides you with a safety net. It gives you the will to continue "pulling" freely until you have fine tuned your wardrobe. Once you have your less than perfect items out of the way, you will once again feel the thrill of the hunt to fill in the gaps. And you'll have bagfuls of goodies to offer your friends before you finally let go completely. What a nice way to start a new season!


Mr. Charleston said...

And what a boost to the economy as well.

Your blog is like reading under a black light. Makes my head swim, in a nice way. I swear I can smell patchouli.

drollgirl said...

this is a good idea.

i have much i don't wear, but it is too good to give away (i know i sound like a jerk), and odds are i will wear it again someday. :)

diane said...

Mr. C: I'm a Chanel 5 girl, but thanks for the compliment.

Marian said...

I like this :)
I hope you are well Diane

Joanna Jenkins said...

I never thought of it that way. That's great advice, Diane. Thanks. jj

texlahoma said...

Whenever I get a free minute,(when I learn to manage my time better) I'll do that. I have stuff I never wear, but it's hard to just throw it out.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Sounds like a great plan!

ModernMom said...

Oh I so need to do this! NEED!