Thursday, March 24, 2011

Protect Yourself Against Radiation Tips

Take clean kelp and seaweed products.
Take potassium iodide.
Start growing food indoors NOW.
I had posted up a web address that tells you how to grow your own food, but it has since been taken off of the web. &*!!


Mr. Charleston said...

Diane, surely you aren't worried about this. You get more radiation in the dentist's chair than any fallout from Japan. Even the level experienced by the most at-risk Japanese is that of a CATscan.

But none-the-less, I do like Kale. And fresh beet greens. Have you tried them?

drollgirl said...

or move to another planet

diane said...

Mr. C: hmmmm, really? I have a friend who flew out of California last Saturday, and he said that people flying into the international airport from Japan kept setting off the radiation detectors.
Love beets, don't know about the greens. Also love seaweed salad.

texlahoma said...

Good advice, but don't take the potassium iodide until you are really about to be exposed to some fairly high amounts of radiation.