Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Japan Liquefaction - WHAT???

To the list of destructive forces that have wracked Japan — earthquake, tsunami, radiation from a crippled nuclear power plant — can be added liquefaction, a phenomenon that occurs when the earth’s violent shaking forces sand particles, once packed tightly, to shift apart and allow water to seep in.

Have you seen videos of this? It is amazing to watch, and sad for those people who can't get away from it. There are scientific sources that will tell you that this is a normal phenomenon, but be honest......if you were living there and seeing this, wouldn't you be scared?

Shame on the governments of the world for pulling the wool over the eyes of the people of the earth. And shame on the handful of bankers who hold the governments hostage.


Mr. Charleston said...

I misread this as Liquorfaction and thought you were talking about my family. Couldn't figure out how the photos fit in except for the muddy dirt road. But there a no mobile homes.

OK, just had to have a little fun. Too much bad news. I've seen this phenomenon in small places like around a jack hammer at work or even around a small motor that's vibrating. Interesting.

diane said...

Mr. C: Haha, I love your sense of humor!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I've seen this and it's pretty amazing. The whole situation is so sad and I can't imagine being there. It's pretty hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this ;-(
xo jj

diane said...

Joanna: My sentiments exactly.