Friday, April 29, 2011

Love - Read this, it's brief.

The big issue that's not being talked about these days is love. Love is all encompassing. Love heals a multitude of wounds. If more problems were handled with love, then our problems would be few. The governments don't want you to know that. It's good business to have people fighting: religion against religion, family against family, country against country, ect., ect., ect.
In my business I try to remember that everybody is fighting their own battle. We all have our own heartache. So it's important to respond with love.
Smiling is a good start. It makes you less intimidating.
Opening your hands and spreading your toes helps too. Now, open your ears and really listen. Not just to the voices, but to the sounds of life.
Love is everywhere if you look for it. It might even be looking for you.


Dedene said...

How important to remember to put love first.

texlahoma said...

Yeah, fighting is good for business. To bad it's not a we the people government anymore, the majority of people are against all the wars.
All you need is love.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Very wise words Diane. Then ever I need to take a deep breath I inhale saying the word "love" as slowly as I can. It helps :-)
xo jj

Mr. Charleston said...

Well said and so true. It's funny, when I post about politics or some hateful subject, I get lots of hits and comments. Post about something pretty or funny, just a few. I believe anxing over doomsday subjects is habit forming. Truth be told, if we never heard the "news" there would be no violence in most of our lives.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Diane, Haven't seen you in a while. Hope all is well and you're enjoying your summer. xo jj

a bit coquettish said...

I've always closed my heart. Built a wall around myself. (With guys, not the girlfriends!). I hate being vulnerable, because I've always (and others) see(n) me as that strong, independent kinda gal.

But lately I've been re-thinking my approach. And your post just kind of solidified all hesitations.

Thank you. xx

Cait said...

So true..really true..

Happy 4th!

Lullaby said...

That's so true I won't help adding you to my reading list. Cheers dear :)