Friday, July 15, 2011

Where I've Been - A Random Pictorial

There's this funny thing that happens when you don't have computer access, life goes on. And so, after months of being off-line, I am exercising, eating well, sleeping better, re-connecting with old friends and family, reading books...........sounds good, doesn't it? We've suffered a hail storm with ice the size of baseballs, and a near twister. We took our youngest daughter to the airport and saw her off to France. We buried a loved one. There were picnics, and swimming, and long walks almost everyday (2-4 miles, not bad for a 52 year old ex-smoker with asthma), my skin is tanner, my muscles firmer, my hair is definitely shorter, my mind is clearer, and I still haven't gotten around to fully evaluating just what had taken place here. When the weather turns to crap again I might come back.
Is that a butterfly? Gotta go.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Diane!!! So glad to hear from you. First, I'm sorry for your loss. And second-- OMG! Babyzilla is getting so big! She'll be asking for the car keys pretty soon.

It looks like you had a nasty storm. Yikes. And all that exercise-- You rock.

Enjoy the summer and I really hope you check back in again.

xoxox jj

Don said...

Life does go on. Good to hear from you again.

texlahoma said...

Man, that's some big hail! Glad to know you are still around.