Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dreams of Home

Dreams of Home,
and I know we're not alone.
Having dreams,
having visions.
This aint no fantasy.
Aint nothin strange,
It's just a life experience.
If you don't believe,
I wish you well.


SassyModernMom said...


texlahoma said...

Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode where two kids go through a (porthole?) in the bottom of a swimming pool and come out in a kids paradise with a creek and lots of other kids to play with and a kindly old grandma that makes pies and cakes for them.

(All that out of one pic Tex?) Yep!

texlahoma said...

I found out the name of the episode:
The Bewitchin' Pool

Sport Sharewood and her brother Jeb live in a large, expensive house, but their mother is cold, insensitive and self-centered; their father is kinder, but still a distant and preoccupied businessman.

While sitting beside their pool, a young boy in a Huckleberry Finn straw hat pops up from the deep end of their pool and invites them to follow him. The children follow him by diving underwater only to come back up in a lake bordering a rustic, simple homestead. All around them are children swimming, fishing, and playing. In contrast to their lavish home of neglect and insults, they are welcomed and loved from the moment they arrive at this children's paradise. There is only one adult there named "Aunt T", a sweet and kind elderly woman who loves children; she explains she has many children there who came from parents who didn't deserve them.

When Sport and Jeb decide to go home, for fear that their parents will be worried, they learn that their parents have decided to divorce and hadn't even missed them while they were gone. When the parents tell the children the news, they give them the choice of either living with their mother or their father and berate them for not deciding quickly enough. The children have an epiphany that their parents do not genuinely love them and never will. Ignoring their parents' shouts, Sport and Jeb race back to the pool, dive in, disappear and escape back to Aunt T.

In the end the children are happily living with Aunt T whose love is unconditional. Sport hears the increasingly distant voices of her parents, but ignores them.

diane said...

Tex, holy crap, I remember it now!