Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exercise Indoors

Never tell your man that you need to exercise more, because he will instantly bust out the vacuum for you. And this is what he'll be thinking when he does.
Well........maybe not the first photo, she's just kind of creepy.
And what's up with the second photo? That's just waaaay to much happy going on around a vacuum cleaner.
But definitely the third photo, unless he's way older (refer to the fourth photo).


texlahoma said...

First pick "She looky like a man!"

drollgirl said...

lol. i have never vacuumed with a whole lot of sexiness and/or enthusiasm. somehow i doubt that will ever change! :)

diane said...

Drolly, I know what you mean, I usually wear my "pissed off" expression when I'm vacuuming.

Dr Zibbs said...

Ha. Excellent collection. I like the second one.

Dominica said...

WTH is up with that 2nd pic ? Reminds me of those slimming devices (pre historic powerplate stuff) ..
Like Jessica's pic best but one piece still missing ; Queen's - I want to break free song !

Luna Tiger said...

Hello ! It's been a while ! Personnaly I hate housework and particularly Vacuum, I always kick it when I use it... !!!