Thursday, October 11, 2012

Small Schools Worldwide

Quote from Wikipedia - The small schools movement, also known as the Small Schools Initiative, in the United States of America holds that many high schools are too large and should be reorganized into smaller, autonomous schools of no more than 400 students, and optimally under 200. Many private schools of under 200 share design features which draw upon the benefits of organizations of less than 200 people. In the public school version of the Small Schools Movement, students may be given a choice of which small school they want to join. Each of the smaller schools would offer students a feeling of connectedness between students who share the same or similar interests with them. In many ways, the small schools in high schools would resemble the team system of many middle schools across the United States. Small schools allow students to have more individual attention from teachers than most average high schools. Many small schools are created by reforming a failed large school into several small ones in the same building, as is the case with the former Theodore Roosevelt High School in the Bronx in New York City.


texlahoma said...

Interesting, I think it's a good idea.

diane said...

Tex, I think so too. It just makes sense that children learn more with a bit more attention. Not only are they learning the curriculum, but they are receiving a more personal message, one that tells them that they are worthy and deserving of a more focused education.