Thursday, March 21, 2013

Works of the Steppin Razor

Downpressor Man, where you goin' to run to? - Peter Tosh
I was listening to some Peter Tosh this morning, and my mind went back to the day in 1987 when we heard over the radio how he had been murdered. We sat outside, with the warm autumn sun on our faces, and cried.
Today, his music still gives me that warm feeling that it did back then. I saw him perform in Philadelphia, his amazingly large hands expressing every word as he sang out to the audience. He was a powerful influence in the music industry, one often overshadowed by his former band mate, Bob Marley. 
The concession stands at the concert did not do very well, his listeners brought their own pure snacks (fruit, juice, ect.). They did not pollute their systems with additive-filled snacks. I had never been part of an audience like that before.
This morning, listening to the melodica in Sun is Shining elicits a smile from me as my mind wanders back to younger days.

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