Saturday, March 30, 2013

Harvey: What good is your imagination if you don't use it?

Most people are familiar with the movie "Harvey", starring James Stewart. The concept is: a man with an invisible friend who happens to be a big white rabbit. It's a good film.
The big point is this: life is too serious. Kids know that. Somewhere along the way most people forget it. Serious people pursuing serious things.
I hope you have a nice Easter. Eat some chocolate. Find an egg. Yes, I know Easter is about something much more serious. But if an entire kingdom is being given to the children, the small & meek, then it's time for you to re-discover your inner child. And if you don't know where to begin, go fly a kite.


OH DEER! said...

trying not to loose my inner kid. Thanks or the post and Happy Easter !

SkylersDad said...

Life is conspiring to beat the child out of me.