Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Gem Shop - Jim Thorpe, Pa. - Delicately Beautiful Jewelry & Much More at Insanely Low Prices

I bought the dark blue one on the end, $12.!!!

Bought one of these headbands, $3.!!!

How "Marie Antoinette" are these?? $39.99!!

I love these industrial chic bracelets.


Dominica said...

LOVE the golden chains and the headbands ! Very Coachella chic !

Joanna Jenkins said...

That's my kind of store!!! Gorgeous merchandise and reasonable prices. I'm loving the rose colored piece int he top right photo :-)

Hope you're having a good summer.
xo jj

diane said...

Domi, I wear the headband straight out of the shower. Really love it.

Joanna, Me too, it's a gorgeous piece, probably under $20.
I'm having a good summer so far, can't wait for the pool to open next week.

texlahoma said...

It all looks good to me.

Jane Droll said...

very cool, very unique, and very affordable! which = win/win/win!