Saturday, December 20, 2014

Because Sometimes You Just Have to Move

My daughter and Babyzilla have moved to France. So I will be selling my home and moving too. . . . not to France though......maybe just down the street........because sometimes you just have to move. I'm going to miss my home and all of the good times that we shared here. This Christmas will be the last one in this house. C'est la vie.


Dominica C said...

my heart almost jumped when I thought you would move to France too !!

diane said...

Domi, that is so sweet. You never know, one day we will see each other face to face.

Vic said...

Oh, that's so hard to have them so far away!! Change of any kind is daunting. I miss you too! (And hello to Dominica too!)
It's strange not to be blogging, even still. I miss the people (like you) the most. I'm on FB if you want to find me there - Victoria Cogswell (sounds like a romance writer, I know...)
Love ya!

Joanna Jenkins said...

France!?!?! Oh my, Diane. I have tears in my eyes thinking of you saying good-bye to them when they departed. Sigh.

But thank gawd for the internet and Skype??? It will help you all not to feel so far away.

And leaving your beautiful home. You have cherished memories in your heart to pack up with you. I hope you find a new home and love it just as much.

And... I hope that maybe next Christmas you'll all be together in France. How fun would THAT be!

Happy New Year, xo jj

diane said...

VIC!!! One of our original blogging crew!! I can't believe it. omg. and yes, your name sounds very proper, I love it. I'll be sending you a friend request.

Joanna, Your are a darling to get emotional like that, I truly love you sweetie.