Monday, January 5, 2015

When We Were Fab - Just a few of my favorite photos from blog posts of old.

Donald's rug

Too funny. Actually love Britney though, she's been through a lot.

What if.

Oh this old thing? Just going to a party at Karl Lagerfeld's place.
Back in the day, when blogging was quite new, we had a small select group of cool bloggers. And then, blogging was so "yesterday", and the cool bloggers started dropping off. Some of us still stay in touch on facebook. But I can't help wondering what happened to some of the original group. They had names like Peach Tart, Yo Mama, Dooder City, That Blue Yak, Hipster Musings, What Were You Thinking, A World So Small, and JFK Jeans. We would all visit each other's blogs and leave funny comments. I'm really glad to still be in touch with some, and some have become good friends. I miss some of the others that have just slipped away. And once in a blue moon, someone from long ago says hello, and that's truly cool. Man, we were fab. So where ever the ones are that have dropped off, this memory is for you. And for the ones that are still here, didn't we laugh, and hasn't it been fun.
Honey, you've got an animal stuck in your hair.

Yeti seating is to the left.

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas.....wait, where are her pants?

Where is that billboard?

Hats off to you, gotta be brave to dress like that and walk down the street.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh yes, Diane. I remember when we were all baby bloggers. Times sure have changed.

I'm sorry so many of the old gang has stepped away but I'm glad you're still in the game!

I don't post as often as I used to but I can't imagine leaving completely...

LOVE these pics and remembered a lot of them!

Happy 2015 and here's to a good year of BLOGGING!

xo jj

Jocelyn said...

I'm with you: I still miss that heyday, and I very much wonder where some of my favorites have gone off to. A few new folks have joined the fray, and FB has been instrumental in my keeping up with bunch of former bloggers, but it's definitely a different world. I was so glad to "see" you again the other month. Yay, for reconnections!

diane said...

Joanna, we've been blogging back and forth since the beginning, well my beginning, I don't know how long you were on before that. I love how we relate, and offer support for each other.

Jocelyn, I consider you to be incredibly brave and adventurous. I'm glad that we have this connection.