Saturday, January 10, 2015

Family Chaos Photos by Danielle Guenther, Genius

These photos are genius. Anyone who doesn't think so is either childless or in complete denial. 

Ever wonder how they do it? They don't. Life unravels. And those people who wonder why you don't have time for them, they'll just have to wait.

And all of this will be over in an instant. Your kids will be grown and have kids of their own. Your true friends still call you. Everyone else has slipped away.

You need a sense of humor to deal with kids and have them grow into secure beings. After all, you want them to have a sense of humor when they're taking care of you one day.

All of these photos are the property of  Danielle Guenther, they do not belong to me.


texlahoma said...

Reminds me of a little song I made up about my kids and their friends, to help me not pull my hair out.

"I've got no brain to slow me down -
I have a thought and I go to town."

Jane Droll said...

childless coming at you!

my sister said every kid's job is to make their parents laugh every single day. i think that's fair! :)