Thursday, April 9, 2009

Since We're Getting Personal

That shot of my oldest daughter and I, in Florida 5 years ago, is especially good because it was really hard to get that guy to jump off of her head at the right moment.

Cute Hubby and I a year after our wedding. I was the height of maternity fashion, with a hippie skirt tied around my boobs.

A photo of me in my early 20's, being stalked by Cute Hubby with the camera.

His mom, My mom. We came from two different worlds. His mother was artsy, my mother was like Debbie Reynolds.

Stalking me through the window.

My teenage room. How could my parents not have known I was smoking weed in there?

My mother's mother and I. This shot was taken right before my head spun around & I threw up on her.


Girl Interrupted said...

Aww, lovely pics! The one of you and cute hubby (I see what you mean now btw) is so sweet! The one of the guy jumping off of your daughters head made me lol :P

diane said...

Girl I: You see what I mean by what, that he's cute? He was so gorgeous when I met him, that I heard porn music in my head.

JFK Jean said...

Forget him, how about you? lol The pic with you twirling(?) you hair, gorgeousness....

Ann H. said...

I love this post.

Jack Daniel said...

I just LOVE pictures from 'back in the day'. I really like the first one...grainy, analogue-vibe, the color tone. And yeah: the boy jumping off of your daughters head is just really funny looking.

Vic said...

Every one of these pictures has a short story attached to it. I hear them in my head.
I loved this post. You have the most expressive face, you know. Beautiful.
And cute hubby in that picture is definitely smokin'. :)

diane said...

JFK Jean: You are so kind. Stop. No really, stop. (waving my hand towards myself) hee hee.

Ann H: I love your blog, I've had my share of vices too. I can never comment, but I read it. xo

JD: I think that's my favorite too, and not just because you said it first.

diane said...

Vic: I can't tell you how much that means to me coming from another woman (because women will tell you when you look like sh*t). I always considered myself hard to photograph, which is something to get over if I'm going to start doing outfit posts.

Traceytreasure said...

Great pics!! I love the first one where the guy is jumping off of her head!
You're so beautiful!
Nice to meet you!
Thanks for your super sweet comment!


diane said...

Tracytreasure: Welcome, and thank you. We are all beautiful in our own way.

Cait said...

I love the pics..such character. Love the one where you are holding your hair. So cool yet romantic. You guys are adorable.

Thanks so much for reading the story. Well, lots of times at parties I just watched TV while listening to hard ass rock. I really appreciate your feedback.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Ohhh, the pics are fabulous! And you and hubby look so cute together!

drollgirl said...

these photos are so cool. sometimes it is great to see the old/real/deal photos instead of new digital stuff that is all over the internet. somehow these seem to have more character.

diane said...

Cait: Sounds to me like you were the shy one at parties.

TMWKTM: Dennis, I'm always so pleased when you stop by. Yeah, we were pretty cute, still are.

Drollgirl: It depends on the photo; if the action is natural, it's usually a good shot (digital or old school).

where the wildflowers are said...

thanks for the lovely comment. reading old poetry and old books is the best. more people need to know about it.those photos are great. i love the old school ones.
happy easter!!


Dominica said...

Cute hubby would have been a rockstar if he was in his 20ies today !
Your mum's skirt looks awesome...I've been wearing skirts like those for several years but then everybody started wearing, that's when I called it a day.
I really had fun with your comments - the last picture was the best !
Wer should do more of those - have to install my scanner again ...
We could have REAL fun commenting on eachothers pictures ...
( ) ( )
(") _ (")

Have fun searching for chocolate eggs - happy easter !

miriam said...

wow, so amazing pictures! you and hubby are so cute.

and D, you rock my world too! have a great easter.

diane said...

Where the Wildflowers Are: I love the smell of library books, btw.

Dominica: Cute hubby has aged really well, he's so handsome.
I love my mom's style of dressing. We used to love to play dress up in her closet when she wasn't home.
Chocolate cannot hide from me.

Miriam: I really am very excited about the little sumpin sumpin. Maybe I can rock cute hubby's world a little when it arrives (hehe).

PrincessImp. said...

Thanks for sharing all these pictures. Your hubby is indeed cute and I love that picture he took of you in your 20s. Something about the look in your eyes. Beautiful :)

That shot of you and your daughter is a scream..indeed the timing was perfect. Do you have that guy's contact..I'll like to get him to jump off my head too ;)

diane said...

Princessimp: Thanks so much. Didn't I tell you? We keep the little guy in a jar at home, you can rent him if you like.
When I saw your comment, I went running over to your blog, but alas, no new post yet. sigh.

Hippiegirl said...

i love these pictures :) so vintage!