Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Five Happy Things

Miriam was gracious enough to tag me (why is this whole thing under lined, anybody?). Thanks to you, Miriam, and all of your wonderful inspirational posts. Also, I don't know how I ever survived before you sent me those PF Flyers.

The idea is, I have to tell you what 5 things make me the happiest.

1. Obviously, I'm going to say my family and my home. I would be a lost soul, if not for my wonderful cute hubby, children, grand daughter, sisters, brother, mother, father, cousins, nephews, nieces, and in-laws. Some of these have passed on, but we still get to visit in my dreams.

2. Having the balls to say and do what ever I want. That is not to say I can't be discreet. But it does mean that I have very few friends, and a whole lot of acquaintances. The reason for this is that people who don't know me very well think that I'm hilarious, but I only let a small circle of people get close to me. I've wasted a major portion of my life arriving at a point of knowing who I am, and not being afraid of my own creativity. I tend to share what I've learned with "megaphone" words and "fireworks" actions.

3. Good food. I have been a "foodie" for as long as I can remember. We traveled a lot when I was little and whenever we stopped on the road for a treat I would order a small dish of spinach & a small dish of applesauce, while my sisters ate ice-cream. I love to cook with good ingredients, and it's not uncommon of me to be thinking of the next meal while finishing the last one.

4. Beer. This is also something I have loved for as long as I can remember, and I cook with it as well. I'm a skinny chick, so you can see that I don't drink a lot of it. I don't like hard liquor, except once in a blue moon, if it's a really well mixed drink. I love wine with dinner sometimes too. But it's beer that brings me home and makes me say "Yum".

5. Bargains. I can squeeze a dollar out of a nickel. Beauty products from a local outlet, clothing on clearance, thrift shopping, flea markets, ect. When my kids were little, I would buy bags of clothes from a Quaker bi-yearly clothing sale, getting there an hour early to be one of the first in line. When I was little, I was a "trash treasure picker", always bringing home discarded items from our neighbors, until my mother made me stop. I learned to always have a clear idea of what it is I really need, and keep my eyes open for it cheap. I don't shop for the sake of shopping, like a way of relaxation. Even my house, I bought dirt cheap.

So there you are, my five happy things. I would like to pass the baton over to Lulu. (Oh, here we go with the underlining again) Lulu is totally "deck", but she needs more followers. Check her out.

If you click on the underlined parts, it will take you to their page.

Thanks for dropping by. Y'all come back now, ya hear? xo


drollgirl said...

YAY for beer, food, and good bargains!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I have to ditto #5. Man, I'd love to bargain shop with you!


La Couturier said...

Haha good food makes me smile. But at the moment, with the wisdom teeth removed, I can't eat anything that isn't mashed.

La C.

JennyMac said...

Great "happy" montage...I am all about #2 and #3.

mo.stoneskin said...

"But it's beer that brings me home and makes me say "Yum"."

Amen to that!

cait said...

Gotta love that beer..but no pale ale for me from India..very very bitter and I think I got a cold from it.

Love your answers. Thanks for the quote you left me too.

SkylersDad said...

Yea for beer!!!

Alanna said...

i love happy things! love my own an hearing others of course warms my heart!

The Peach Tart said...

I love #3 since I'm a foodie too. As soon as I clean up after a meal, I'm planning the next meal.

Lulu said...

YAY FOR MEEEEeeeee.....because you tagged MEeeee.......

Yay for you - you win too!!!

A free subscription to MORE Magazine awaits - get on over to Lulu's and check it out - I need some digits and info from you - yay you!!

And oh yeah - I'll get to the tag stuff soon!

Lulu said...

Um....but y'all might need to click on my name to get to my blog because I think Di gave me too many 'S's' - that's hard to type - in my blog address. No worries!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I had that same mystery underline thing going on too yesterday! I never figured it out :-(

Love your list and getting to know you better!


(The underline is messing up your link to Lulu's :-(


Miss Eve said... should come to China for could actually teach me how to do it, LOL.

Thanks for the lovely comments, hope you have a great week, much love: Evi

Dooder City said...

You are so awesome. I've always loved ordering anything with beer in it at restaurants but never cooked with it. I am kind of like you, I have a big mouth and say what I want although it kind of gets me in trouble sometimes.

Dominica said...

Number 5 = totally !
When is your birthday btw ? I'd love to know when it is ...:-)
I always say ; krap budget maakt creatief !
Jack Daniel & TMWKTM will totally understand what this is all about (as they can understand my Belgian brababbel)
It means that when the budget is minimal, creativity surfaces ...
Now something completely different :
I tried to comment on Girl Interrupted's blog on muffins today, but somehow I get to see her blog completely mixed up and there's no tag anymore that says ; comment ??!! WTF ?
So, Kate, if you read this = LOVED the 'post- its' (hilarious) and those muffins sure look yummie !!

Girl Interrupted said...

Great answers Diane! One of things I really love about you is your attitude, the strong, free spirit who is going to do things her way, no matter what. You're what I believe is termed "A cool chickie" ;) x

@ Dominica ... thank you :) Glad you enjoyed it

miriam said...

D, what a great post. i think we must be related. we have so much in common. i love beer too and : )