Friday, August 7, 2009

Jesus Arrested by Local Police

That's right folks, our local police arrested Jesus at the Turkey Hill for loitering.

A man who travels around the world to preach doesn’t usually find favor in the modern-day era of technology and skepticism. But the “Barefoot Evangelist” defies expectations. He has attracted the attention of “20/20” and Time Magazine and is now the subject of commercial director Sean Tracey’s first documentary feature, The Jesus Guy. The title suits the man who has renounced his possessions, goes by no other name than “What’s Your Name?” and has visited 47 states and 13 countries during his 16-year evangelical journey. In The Jesus Guy, Tracey maintains an objective eye to follow What’s Your Name? as he encounters believers and non-believers alike. The film has garnered praise from film festivals around the country and has inspired Tracey to continue on the path of moviemaking. Article by Melissa Rose Kimbler.

This goes to show you what a bunch of goobers our local police are.

On another note, last night at work:
One employee went to the hospital with a "banged" knee. Speculation is that she went for the meds.
One employee fell and possibly fractured a rib.
One customer had "explosive" diarrhea in our restroom.
One ex-employee got an organ job. Yeah, I thought that was pretty exciting too, until I realized that he's going to be playing a keyboard.

Life. . . .if you blink, you miss it.


drollgirl said...

oh i am going to steer clear of that jesus fella! i have had more than enough jesus types in my life, that is for sure!

i hope you have a great weekend, and thank you for always coming around, caring, and leaving such great comments. i feel lucky we connected! :)

Anonymous said...

Although Hubby LOOKED like Jesus, the Irish version anyway, when we started dating in the early 90s. Ends up he was just a hippie.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Goobers? I haven't heard that in a long, long time. They probably just arrested Jesus to say that they had.

He he he..

Sounds like the full moon was in full force at your work.

I'm glad to see you've got your mojo back! Organ job. Playing the keyboard was not my first thought!

Hugs!! Maegan said...


Happy Weekend!

Summer said...

Sounds like a very exciting place to work!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Now we know why it is called 'The Silly Season'.

Couldn't make it up, could you. Evangelists scare the ....out of me.

Vic said...

Too bad Mother Theresa isn't around too, so your local police can fill their quota. 'Goobers' is right.

The people at your job work like I vacation! Should I send over some bag balm?

diane said...

drollgirl: Yeah, but would you have wanted to arrest any of them? My experience is, they are usually pretty harmless.
I love your comments too, in a non-lesbian kind of way.

Jules: Hey, Cute Hubby was a Jesus look-a-like too! The french version. Wouldn't it be cool if there were versions from all of the different countries?

Tracey my gem: I agree with you, they wanted to have something big to their credit, even if it was a big mistake.

Maegan: I am truly glad I could give you a good laugh, I know you could use one these days. Hugs. xo

Summer: Yeah, it's exciting how stupid it is.

Moannie: I had never heard of the Silly Season before, but that explains a lot.

Vic: Yes, send the miraculous bag balm to heal the idiotic brains of our police force. Oh....were you talking about the people I work with?

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Hahahaha that Jesus guy is fun.

Cait said...

hahahaha..about the organ job.

Is this documentary anything like the guy who wrote the book about living like Jesus for a year or something?

Thanks for the note.

Its horrible muggy here. Oh, and I really enjoyed 500 days of Summer.

Marian said...

wow thanks for letting us know about the arrest,is he claiming to be Jesus?
thank you Diane for searching for parigi information for me,you are so sweet.much appreciated.
hope your having a good wknd. I bet the 'explosive' diarrhoea was no fun for whoever had to clean up after that poor customer.Lactose intolerant maybe? :)
have a lovely day

Jack Daniel said...

This post is quite hilarious.......

diane said...

Dennis: He looks like a fun guy for sure.

Cait: I don't think they are related.
What's the 500 Days of Summer?

Marian: You're welcome. You are sweet also. I never would have thought about what illness that customer had, you have a kind heart. I did laugh at the people who had to clean it up though.

JD: Thanks. Our police force provides belly laughs for many.

Joanna Jenkins said...

You are cracking me up!!!!

Sounds like an interesting night at work :-)