Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Reality

Cute Hubby: (Putting on his snow gear) I'm going to go out to shovel. So what are you doing? You going to miss it?

Me: No. I'm finishing up this thing on facebook and I have to call youngest daughter back. I won't be missing it. I'll be out later.

Ten Minutes later, cause evidently Cute Hubby has ten minutes worth of survival gear to put on........

Cute Hubby: Well, I'm just going to

Me: (cutting in) See ya, bye. I'm just doing some dishes and a few other things, so I might "miss" it.

Door closes loudly behind me.

I did a few dishes, baked some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (cause they're my favorite), made some phone calls, watched Cute Hubby through the window. He looks content enough, shoveling & talking to a neighbor. It's still snowing like a mo-fo. I don't think I'm going to miss it.


The Peach Tart said...

honey you keep staying inside and eating those cinnammon rolls...and let the hubby do the boy work

Middle Aged Woman said...

Someday, I will be done with the damn hot flashes, and I might need a blanket to stay warm then, too.

drollgirl said...

burr cold weather you have out there! i bet cinnamon rolls make it slightly more tolerable. :)

furiousBall said...

gimme those cinnamon rolls!

diane said...

Peach Tart: Good advice. I might be doing some shoulder rubbing/back massaging tomorrow though.

MAW: So glad to be done with all of that. Hot flashes made me want to throw things.

Drolly: The rolls made it better, until they were all gone. I should have bought more for tomorrow.

FBall: None left, sorry.

Lulu said...

I hope you're feeling better - ginger ale is the magic cure in our house. And cinnamon rolls. When you know that you're not going to 'ahem..' taste them again...:)

Miss Yvonne said...

Oh yum...cinammon rolls! I'm totally going to make some of those for Harry Connick Jr. when I cute through his new "security" fence. Pssh. Security. Whatevs, Harry.

Jocelyn said...

You excel at, em, allowing Cute Hubby to have fair time at the shoveling. We'd hate for you to deprive him of some of it.

Strangely, I really enjoy shoveling--something therapeutic about it--yet this year, I've hardly gotten out and at it before my own cute hubby has it done.

marian said...

that is a lot of snow honey! you look so cute wrapped up in that blanket. love the red slippers. the rolls look yummy!

diane said...

Lulu: ahem, they stayed down. :)

Miss Yvonne: Don't forget to write "together forever" on them in red icing.

Jo: It's not too early too train the kids to shovel.....they'll love it, trust me. Ignore the crying and begging to come back inside, they're just kidding.

Marian: That was my uniform for the day. I can't remember when I ever felt so relaxed. I bet your "uniform" was a lot more upbeat. :)

ANN said...

OMG, I hate snow. Stay inside, its one of those cool things about being a girl... me and my FC and my DQ are going to Florida in 2 days! Yay! I will send weather reports! ~ Its Ann (not signed in)

diane said...

Ann: No need to tell me it was you, who else has a DQ and a FC? Is there room in your suitcase for me? (I don't weigh very much)